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"Why should I prune my trees?"

Aesthetics is generally the most common reason for trimming your trees. Maintaining a nice shape that complements your home, building or surrounding landscape.

Safety is an important reason to keep your trees trimmed. Wind storms or limbs that reach power lines can be harmful and potentially hazardous. In this case we may thin a crown of a tree or prune unnecessary branches or limbs.

Tree Health - Sometimes parts of a tree can become infected and if trimmed in time can mean the difference between saving the tree or not.

Raising the crown of a tree to provide clearance to walk under or if a tree is blocking a sign we can prune the limbs to the desired height.

"Do you top trees?"

Tree topping, or “Hat-Racking” is not a practice that we use. Not only is it unsightly and irreversible, but it is also does not promote healthy growth for the tree. Properly, We trim lateral branches at least one-third the diameter of the limb being removed and large enough to outgrow lateral branches directly below. The lateral branch becomes the source of new terminal growth and subsequently the tree maintains a natural form.

"What Services do you provide?"

We offer a wide variety of tree services including tree removals, tree trimming/pruning, root removals, root trenching and stump grinding/removals. We specialize in commercial tree projects. We do hedge trimming and removals, and even do small and large tree transplants. We also do quick storm clean up and provide 24 hour emergency tree service. 

Visit our Tree Services page to learn more about our services.

"Should I have my tree removed?"

If you are questioning whether or not you should have your tree removed, it would be best to call as we provide free estimates which include assessing your situation and providing you our professional opinion.

Here are some situations where a removal might be necessary: 

• Diseased trees that are a threat to your property or health of your other landscape plants & trees.

• Trees that have grown so large their root structure is threatening your swimming pool, ground pipes or foundation.

• Trees that have grown tall (particularly pine trees) that can be a threat to your home in a storm or high winds.

• Land development clearing of trees or property expansion large scale tree removal.

• Trees that disrupt your power lines.

• Overgrown after years of no tree trimming maintenance. You desire more sunlight on your property.

• Roots that have completely overgrown your lawn. Making it hard and impossible to grow grass or plant gardens.

"What techniques do you use?"

At Grow, we understand that each situation is unique. From the type or size of the job, to where the trees are located on a property impact on the approach we take.  We have commercial grade equipment and have a diversified crew who have their own areas of expertise and we take the time to go over a plan of action with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

"Do you haul all wood and debris?"

Yes, we haul away all wood and debris from the property, leaving the area clean and clear. 

"Are you licensed and insured?"

Yes we are. We have a general liability policy with a million dollar coverage for property damage and any bodily injuries that may occur on your properties as well as a workers compensation policy.

Here is our license information:

State of Florida Profit Corporation/GROW INC

• FEI/EIN Number 65-088-6506

• Collier License #C35320

Lee License #0105307

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