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Tree Removals

Every project we strive to achieve a smooth removal process, with as little disruption to the property and owners/residents as possible.

Whether trees are sick, dying or simply getting too large, we use our years of arbor experience to take down trees. The Grow team is ready and able to take care of any tree removal project and handles hazardous tree removals with care and caution using cabling techniques.

Before the removal, we come out to assess your trees and your property and put together a plan for the removal.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful and healthy Florida landscape. We use a variety of different techniques and tools to achieve the desired outcome. If you are not sure what you need then initially we will walk your property and provide you with an assessment along with a recommendation of services. From there we will carefully begin the process of trimming.

Tree’s need to be trimmed for health, aesthetics, and safety.

We specialize in commercial tree trimming. The Grow team always hauls away debris off the property leaving it clean and clear.

Hedge Trimming 

Well maintained and trimmed hedges and shrubs will significantly improve the overall appearance of the surrounding area. If hedges are not pruned properly, they may easily be over pruned to bare causing death or permanent deformities in the hedge which ultimately requires hedge replacement. The Grow team can quickly and efficiently shape and reduce hedges to look neatly aligned while maintaining health and a natural growth pattern.

Stump Grinding

After the Grow team has removed a tree, we mechanically grind your stump down to approximately 6” below ground level and then back fill the remaining hole to level. This keeps the stump from growing back and allows for grass and other plants to capably grow over the area. In special cases we remove the stump completely. There are no stumps too small or too large for the Grow team to handle.

Root Pruning

In certain situations, tree roots can damage your property including underground pipes, foundations like driveways, pool fixtures and screens or they can keep other plants and grass from growing. Whether the tree has already been removed or is still growing, we can mechanically remove roots and prune them back to protect your property.

Tree Transplant

Whether you are updating your landscape or a tree has simply outgrown its home, we can even provide you with tree transplanting services. Even large trees can be transplanted to another location to thrive for many more years. When tree transplantation is requested, we come out to assess the tree as well as the new location. Depending on the situation, we may prune roots pre-transplant. Because transplantation is such a shock on the tree, we also provide you with a professional plan post-transplant to better ensure the survival of the tree

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